Private Sessions

Preschool Program

Cindy is an outgoing, warm, insightful, interesting, fun person who appeals greatly to children and their parents alike! She is always very positive when she comes to our home. As such, our son quickly forgets about whatever was happening prior to her arrival and delves enthusiastically into her many inspirational and highly educational games! Since he has started to see her we see great improvement in his counting, color recognition and spatial skills, to name a few. This is because her approaches are truly geared to our son’s own needs, personality traits and interests. Cindy not only teaches our son, but truly plays and connects with him, which has brought on a positive relationship in our son’s life!
— Mother of 4 year old boy
My 6 year old son looks forward with such excitement and eagerness to Cindy’s visits. He participates in Cindy’s activities with such enthusiasm as these brain-centered activities come across to him as pure fun and play. I have also noticed in him a calmer demeanor since working with Cindy and a greater willingness and ability to communicate his feelings before they overwhelm him. I engaged Cindy to help work with me and my son on his self-regulation and I am happy to see the progress and transformation. It is a pleasure working with Cindy and a joy to have her in our home.
— Paula, mother of 6 year old boy

Student Program

Nicholas, my 10-year-old son, was diagnosed with ADHD three years ago. Being great believers that not everything should be treated by popping pills, my wife and I decided on NOT medicating him. I’ll be the first to tell you, that it hasn’t been easy with our son. Don’t get me wrong. There are other parents who have bigger fish to fry. Let’s count our blessings.

We found out about Cindy through her mother. (Being an old friend of my wife’s family and all) We decided to give her a try. At the time, my son’s self-esteem/motivation was at a record low. She came at the right time.

It’s been about five months since we began her 1-hour-a-week sessions with Nicholas. I must say, there have been significant improvements in my son, in terms of focus, concentration. His self-esteem has also moved up. Because, like every parent, I am eager to see how high my son can go, both my wife and I are determined to continue working with Cindy and let her do her stuff. She brings a different, professional dynamic to the table that was lacking in the way we dealt with Nicholas. I, personally, am learning a lot from her as well. My son loves her. Thank you Cindy! Keep up the good work.
— Father of 10 year old boy
In the fall of 2016 my daughter, Tatiana, a first-year college student was diagnosed with a significant reading comprehension impairment. We started working with Cindy as of January 2017. Tatiana connected with Cindy immediately and Cindy was quick to assess which tools to offer to Tatiana to help her get through her reading comprehension impairment
— Mother of CEGEP student
I, Tatiana, look forward to my weekly meeting with Cindy and appreciate the fact I can reach out to Cindy at any time for my many school assignments where she directs me on how to tackle them. Thanks Cindy for your dedication and determination to help me and all your clients
— CEGEP Student

Aging Brain Program

My husband was diagnosed with cognitive impairment with dementia and ADD. Following a 3 month program with Curious Neuron, I have found a considerable increase in his capacity of concentration. He has developed an interest in reading and in playing memory games. It has awakened in him a sense of interest to all that surrounds him. I am delighted with his improvement and I am confident that he can only gain with continuation of those sessions.
— S.N.

Curious Neuron Workshops

Teachers, Day Care Educators and School Staff

I had a such an interesting afternoon listening to Cindy Hovington speak at our school. She shares her information in such an interesting and upbeat manner. Her energy is contagious!
Children and adults can learn so much from her and educators will benefit from her studies to help their students! Such a refreshing way to learn about the brain!
— Luisa Minardi, Integration Aide LBPSB
Cindy’s presentation at our college Pedagogical Day was very well received. It helped our faculty understand how our growing knowledge of Neuroscience can, and must, shape the ways in which we teach. Now we will have to think more deeply about the impact of stress on learning and the importance of curiosity as an important motivator.
Here are some comments from our teachers:
-“excellent presentation, very engaging and pertinent information”
-“I really enjoyed Cindy’s presentation and came away from her talk with some very clear ideas of how to consider brain functioning when teaching.
-“great at mixing research and strategies for classroom”
— JS, Education Advisor, Champlain College St-Lambert
Curious Neurons is a unique and fun platform for children of any age to learn more about science. Cindy is engaging and energetic from start to finish. Both the staff and students here at Bonne Aventure love the activities that range from making quick sand to exploding rainbows. Children squeal with delight throughout the activities and one teacher was actually caught saying “I would do this every day!”. Curious Neurons’ hands on and get messy approach is perfect for any kind of play based learning centre. Here are Garderie Bonne Aventure we value Curious Neuron’s contribution to education and the health and well being of all children.
— Whitney, Director