Asking your child to read to you


I have realized that there are a few books that are simple enough for my toddler to read to me. There is such a joy and pleasure of sitting back and having your child read to you. 

I love the book, Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. The words are simple (colours, clothing and the word OOPS!) and the book always makes my children laugh. 

Doing this with my daughter has helped her build confidence and excitement to read. I have also begin to give her more complicated books and give her the green light to tell me the story. She expresses such a joy in doing this and it warms my heart. I love hsaring these moments with her. If only they could stay this young forever! :) 

Curious Neuron Recommendations: National Geographic Kids Books


I love these books! In our house, we use them we when play pretend library and when we play school. I love taking a book out and asking my 3 year old to select a page or animal and then we sit down and read it together. I learn so much from these books as well! 

They are wonderful in sparking interest, curiosity and wonder about the world around us. 

Curious Neuron Recommendation: Roll and Play by ThinkFun


I played this many times with my daughter after she turned 1, and now at age 3 she still loves to play with her baby brother who is now 13 months. 

It is an easy game to play. Roll the big fluffy coloured die and select a card matching the colour you rolled. 

I love the cards they have. Some ask you to find an object with a specific colour, other cards ask you to perform an action (i.e. jump 3 times) or make animal sounds and some cards ask you to mimic an emotion. Brilliant! 

I absolutely love this game and the fact that you can introduce a game at such a young age (they recommend starting at 18 months). You learn to take turns and wait for your turn, you learn colours, animal sounds, emotions, counting and more! 

You can find this game on Amazon