DIY Colour within the lines

We started practicing colouring within the lines, but I felt that pictures in colouring books were too small. I took out some large drawing paper and drew a big design with a black marker. This helped my toddler begin to understand the concept of colouring between the lines. 


Age suggestion: Toddler, Preschool

Materials: Large drawing paper and markers. 

How to play:

  • You can either prepare the activity or ask your child to do it. Scribble some circular shapes on a large piece of white paper. Make sure the shapes you are drawing are closed up (see picture). 
  • Give your child the goal of drawing/colouring inside each little shape and not passing the lines. 

Learning and Development: You can learn colours with this activity and learn how to draw within the lines. If you have a 3 year old, you can try to get them to copy the circle shapes with you since the CDC states that around the age of 3, a child should copy circles with a crayon. 

Paint plastic wrap

I found this activity on Facebook, but I can't find the person who posted! I want to make sure that I don't take credit for this awesome activity! All I know is that we had a blast doing this.


Age recommendation: Toddler, Preschool

Materials: Tempera paint, clear plastic wrap, paintbrushes 

How to play:

  • We first flipped the kid's table in our playroom.
  • We then took our plastic wrap and wrapped it around the tables legs.
  • We added some of our paint onto a plate and started painting the plastic wrap. My toddler LOVED it. We have an easel which she uses, but for some reason, painting on this plastic wrap added a fun factor to it. 

Learning and Development: You can use this activity to learn colours, draw shapes, build on language by having great conversations with your child as you have fun painting! If you can get the table to be high enough, you can even have your child paint while being on their tiptoe's, which is a motor milestones for 2 year olds according to the CDC

Edible Paint

I was excited to introduce my daughter to painting. She was about 9 months old and I found this wonderful activity in the book called 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids by Asia Citro. My daughter painted a little then ate the rest of it...I was glad it was made from Greek Yogurt! 


Age recommendation: Baby (as long as they can eat dairy)

Materials: Plain Greek Yogurt, recipe calls for Kool-Aid packets but I used food colouring, small containers and paper (used my roll of paper from IKEA) and a plastic table cloth from the dollar store to cover your floor (you might want to place a bib on your baby as well!)

How to play

  • Decide how many colours you would like, then divid your yogurt into a few bowls depending on how many colours you will be using. With very young babies I suggest only a little yogurt (2-3 spoons per bowl) since from experience it will all end up on their clothes or in their mouths! 
  • Add a few drops of food colouring and stir until you get the desired colour.
  • Lay some paper out.
  • You can either finger paint or use paint brushes. Start by showing your baby what to do. You can also take their hand and dip it in the paint and show them how to spread it across the paper. 
  • For some older children (12-24 months) you can also paint using an easel since this upright position is important for motor skills and writing skills. 

Learning and Development: The 9 month CDC milestones state that a baby should be able to point at something. This activity allows your abby to practice this. You can get them to keep their finger out and show them to dab their paint in different locations of the paper. This is more of a sensory and arts activity. Allow them to explore the texture and give them time to create any work of art!