Salad Spinner and Blocks

salad spinner .PNG

Items found in your home are some of the best toys to promote development in babies. Using a salad spinner and some blocks can create an activity that will help your baby search for objects, take the salad spinner apart, try to put it back together and older babies can try to spin the blocks inside using the knob. It is great to develop curiosity and cognitive skills. 

Always give your baby some time to explore a new object on their own first. This will help them develop focused attention and nurture their curiosity. Once they have taken the time to discover their new toy, play with them and repeat key words to help with their language development. Say "inside" when you or your baby place a block inside the spinner. "May I have a block?" and open your hand is another phrase you can use during this activity.

You can also start showing them how to share by giving them a block and saying "yours" then taking it back and saying "mine".