Water filled Ziplock bag

Are you looking for a mess free quick activity? This one will keep your child busy and also create an activity you can play with them to learn the name of objects. 


Age recommendation: Baby

Materials: A large Ziplock bag, large masking tape, small objects such as a die, pasta, small plastic animals, buttons, pom poms, beads etc. 

How to play:

  • Place your objects inside the Ziplock bag and fill it up, not to the top though, you need to be able to close it.
  • You should be able to lay it out flat on a table and then tape it down. 
  • Allow your child the time to explore and try to grab or pinch the objects. 
  • Take some time to sit with them and point to certain objects and name them (i.e. pasta, button, lizard and so on).

Learning and development: This is a great exploration activity and allows a baby to practice pinching, an important motor task. As with all our activities, language development is important. Although you can use this activity to keep your child busy as you cook for instance, you should also take some time to sit with them and describe the objects they are playing with.