Spatula Hockey

A ball is always a fun item to play with. I was trying to think of a new activity my son could play and since he loves using a rubber spatula I thought that combining these might be fun...and it was!


Age recommendation: Baby, toddler. 

Materials: Spatula or wooden spoon (one for your baby and one for you!) and a small ball. 

How to play

  • If your baby is not walking yet but is able to sit, just sit in front of them and hit the ball gently with a spatula to pass them the ball. You can hold their hand with the spatula or let them figure it out on their own. Repeat some action words for language development such as "ball" (while pointing to it) and "hit the ball" (as you hit the ball). 
  • With a baby that is able to walk, have then hit the ball with their spatula as they walk. You can dedicate a space in the room as the "goal" or have them keep hitting it until they get to the other side of the room. Walk around with them and hit the ball as well! Encourage them to chase the ball a little as well. 
  • With a toddler/preschooler, you can have 2 "goals" place on opposite sides of the room and run rather than walk, trying to score in each others goal. You can even have a score board and first person to get 5 goals wins. Have your child add a sticker or a dot to a scoreboard and help them count to 5. 

Learning and Development: This activity focuses on coordination. Around 18 months, a baby should run a little (according to the CDC milestones). This is a wonderful activity to encourage this. At 18 months, they should also understand 1-step verbal demands such as "hit the ball".