Shape and colour matching activity

We have begun learning shapes in our house and I realized that I didn't have any objects or toys to help me teach my toddler her shapes through play. I had some felt paper so my toddler and I worked together to create an activity. Mind you, I am not creative or artistic so this was the best I could do (please don't look at my stars!). 


Age recommendation: Toddler, preschool 

Materials: Felt paper and scissors. 

How to play:

  • I chose to work with 5 different shapes, however you can introduce only 2-3 at a time. For each shape, you need to cut out 2 of the same shape but not in the same colour. 
  • In addition to your shape, cut out a few strips felt paper. These will be used to "match" your shapes or colours (as seen in the picture). 
  • If you are doing this with your child for the first time, introduce the shapes first and have them place one of each on the left hand side of a felt paper and again one of each on the right side. Name the shape and the colour as you do this. 
  • Again, if you are, for instance, using this activity to teach colours, point to the pink star at the top of the left side (see picture) and say to your child "this one is pink, can you find another shape that is also pink?". Place one side of your felt strip and then ask them to place the other side on a matching colour. You can do the same for shapes. 

Learning and Development: You can learn shapes and numbers from this activity. Also, looking for something that is the "same" or "different" is an important skill to develop in preschool years.