Building confidence through science

School can be demanding on your elementary school children. From day 1, they need to do well on tests and be their best. They feel the pressure and this pressure can decrease motivation and confidence. I have seen in first hand with clients I worked with privately. Children that have lost all motivation regarding school to the point of not even wanting to think something through during homework and simply saying "I don't know". Play, in some cases, can turn this around. I love using science experiments and activities because they get children curious and excited about learning again. 


Snap Circuits are a wonderful way to play, explore, feed ones curiosity. A child can follow the instructions or figure out on their own how to build various models of electrical circuits. How to light a light build or turn a small fan on, for instance. 

Seeing a child figure out an electrical circuit and "turn the light on"...literally lights them up as well!! As parents and as teachers, we need to figure out how to keep children curious, motivated and confident. Stepping away from school work but still learning about science is a great way to build up there confidence. If something goes wrong in the circuit and the light doesn't light up, guide them and question rather than tell them "this is an easy one, you should know how to do this!". 

Give them some time to play on their own, but take the time to sit with them as well. There might be one model that is difficult for you as well! Challenge yourself. Allow them to see what you own inner voice sounds like and how you conquer challenges. 

Have fun playing!