Colourful rice activity

Which child doesn't enjoy the colors of the rainbow! This activity was lots of fun! It was mess free since the rice gets "painting" in a Ziplock so my baby was able to join us in the fun.


Age recommendation: Any age as long as your baby does not put this in their mouths. You need to monitor them as they play.

Materials: Rice (we used Basmati), Ziplocks, Tempera Paint, large tray and container.

How to play: Full instructions along with a video can be found on The Imagination Tree website. 

Learning and Development: This is mostly a discover and play activity. It is a great sensory activity for young children. I added some small animals along with fine motor tools from Learning Resources and trucks (not seen in picture). These types of activities are wonderful to help build concentration skills in children. They are calming and allow parents to "take a breathe" (as long as you get used to the mess some create!). If you want to work on executive function skills, you can ask your child to guide you into some imaginary play with the animal figurines. Is the rice their food? Is it their home? Allow your child to decide what role you play. If they create a scenario (i.e. the giraffe ate the lion's food), you can even ask them how your "animal" should react. This will help them build emotional awareness and self-regulation skills as well.