Mailbox number match game

Out for a walk? Bring along a marker and some Post-its to keep your child entertained! 


Age Recommendation: Toddler and Preschool

Materials: Post-Its and Marker 


How to play:

  • Prepare your Post-Its in advance by writing down one number on each Post-It.
  • Younger children: Stick to single digit numbers and ask them to match the number you wrote down with the number on the mailbox. If they get it wrong, don't say they are wrong right away. Question why they placed it there and work WITH them to find the matching one.
  • With older children: \the goal is either to help them learn to recognize the numbers if they don't know them yet or to help them practice recognizing them. Name the number, for instance, 9 or 11 and have them find it on the mailbox and place the Post-it on it. 

Learning and Development: The CDC milestones for age 4 states that a child should start naming some numbers. You can use this activity to teach them how to recognize them as well. Remember that every child is different. As long as this is a fun game for them continue playing. If their interest diminishes, move on and continue walking! You can even hand over the Post-Its and you become the person that has to match the numbers.