Curious Neuron Parent Blog

As parents, we encounter many challenges with our children. When we overcome these challenges, we add these experiences to our "parenting toolbox"; thus, making us stronger and more confident with our parenting skills. Sharing these challenges with other parents can help them add to their "parenting toolbox". Through blog posts from parents, we hope to start important conversations revolving around the wellbeing, education and development of our children.


Parents can write blog posts discussing any of the following:

  • Challenges you have encountered as a parent and how you overcame them (challenges related to children)

  • Games, activities, or any playtime ideas that you and your children enjoy

  • Your journey as a parent of a child with developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, etc.

  • Behaviour, emotional or social challenges your child has experienced and how you dealt with these difficulties

  • We are open to any topic you would like to discuss as well!

PLEASE NOTE: Your post will be displayed on our website, posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages and emailed to our subscribers. 

DETAILS: You can include your name or make it anonymous. Posts can be between 300-1000 words. For more details please contact us.