Curious Neuron is a resource for parents and teachers that focuses on learning and the brain. We are dedicated to simplifying important child development and education research for parents and teachers in order to provide them with the knowledge needed to create an optimal environment for children. 

Learning and the brain for students (ages 6+).

We write articles focused on innovative and evidence-based practices and merge research from neuroscience, psychology and education. 

While brain research alone can’t tell us how to teach children, understanding the brain leads to uncovering underlying learning mechanisms.
— Worden et al. 2011


Our mission is to put together a panel of specialists in education and to start important conversations centred around learning and the brain. We hope these articles and conversations will catalyze innovative approaches to teaching and learning. We do this by offering the following: 

Cindy Hovington, Ph.D. and a panel of experts in education and research:

Teachers, guidance councilors, researchers and more! Each writing articles on topics they specialize in and also adding info from both the field of education and neuroscience.

information about learning and the brain:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read our articles on learning covering topics such as:

  • brain functioning in children and adolescents

  • executive functioning and self-regulated learning

  • mental health, emotions and cognition, motivation

  • practical classroom applications

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Podcast (coming soon)

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We will soon launch the first episode of our Podcast. Our founder, Cindy Hovington, Ph.D. will host the podcast and discuss research covering various aspects of learning and the brain in children ages 0-18. Cindy will also interview researchers, specialists in paediatrics, early childhood educators and teachers to get their advice on these topics,

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Student Blog (New)

Learning is important to us. Building student motivation and confidence, helping them develop important cognitive skills, and being mindful of mental health all play pivotal roles in student learning. Although we have a panel of experts writing articles, the most important voices we need to hear when it comes to improving student learning are…the students. This is why, this September 2018, we launched our student blog.

We invite students from all parts of the world to share their personal story. What do you struggle with in school? Did you overcome these challenges, if so, how? Describe your favourite teacher and let us know what makes them stand out. Talk about the education system where you live. What are the pro’s and con’s of this education system? Over the years, have you developed tricks when studying that help you during exams? Share this trick to help other students! We are open to any topic surrounding learning.

Have a child who is under the age of 6? Head on over to our page for younger children to read articles focused on child development.

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