Travelling With Kids for the Wanderlust Parent: Part 3 (At the Destination)

Now that we covered preparing for a family vacation in Part 1 and what to do on the flight in Part 2 of my blog posts, we are ready to explore our destination!

Here are a few tips we have learned while travelling to many countries with our children.



1.    Keep your kid’s interests in mind when selecting places to visit and things to do. For example, my son is currently all into knights, so we made sure to visit Templar Knight Temples in our recent trip to Israel.


2.    Throughout the duration of your trip, alternate between adult activities you want to do like go shopping and child activities like go to a farm or children’s museum.


3.    Include “kid time” every day of your trip. This is all about dedicating a section of your day to indulging your child’s needs. We would visit a museum and then go spend an hour at a public park, where my son could just run around, be loud, and play with other kids on the games. “Kid time” spent playing in the Princess Salma Park in Aqaba made for some of my most memorable moments in our last trip to Jordan.


4.    Time box your commute time.We found that when travelling, we could include car rental to move from one city to the next so long as we kept every day’s commute down to a maximum of 2 hr car ride per day.


5.    Respect nap time. I can’t emphasize this enough, if your child is still taking naps, make them happen wherever you are. My son napped in his stroller through the Alhambra gardens, in a hammock under a palm tree in Riviera Maya, in the hotel at the Red Sea in Egypt. Getting enough sleep has an important impact on how collaborative and engaged he will be with the trip activities and keep him strong.


6.    Offer new foods but keep it safe. While visiting new destinations you might feel inspired to try new foods, you can proceed at full speed, if so desired. However, when it comes to your kid’s dietary choices carefully apply safe food handling guidelines. Reduce risks as much as possible such as avoiding street stalls, or preferring bottled drinks over tap water or ice, apply good judgement based on location. I also find it worked well to follow my kid’s lead with regards to quantity, by not pushing food when they were not hungry and rather equipping myself with a multitude of snacks, time zone changes can affect appetites. A happy stomach goes a long way!


Happy Travels!

Fanny - Passionate Mom, Stepmom, Godmother