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About Curious Neuron

Curious Neuron is a science-backed resource for parents and teachers that focuses on learning and brain development in children from infancy to adolescence. Our team of experts is dedicated to simplifying important child development and education research in order to provide you with the knowledge needed to create an optimal environment for children. 

Learning and the brain during childhood.

We provide parents with information centered around the emergence of skills, the acquisition of abilities including the developmental milestones (language, cognition, motor, emotions and social development), brain development, neurological disorders and mental health.  


Our mission is to provide support for parents and to help them in creating quality home environments that benefit their children's development (ages 0-5).

Cindy Hovington, Ph.D. and a panel of experts in pediatrics and early childhood education:

Our experts write articles filled with important information, tips and tools centered around language development, motor ability, cognition, social or emotional development, nutrition, infant care, brain development, mental health and more!  

Play ideas (ages 0-5):

We offer parents simple activities for children ages 0-5. Children gain a lot by playing with their parents and we want to help make it easier for you.

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Podcast(coming soon)

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We will soon launch the first episode of our Podcast. Our founder, Cindy Hovington, Ph.D. will host the podcast and discuss research covering various aspects of learning and the brain in children ages 0-18. Cindy will also interview researchers, specialists in paediatrics, early childhood educators and teachers to get their advice on these topics,

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Parenting Blog

As parents, we encounter many challenges with our children. When we overcome these challenges, we add these experiences to our "parenting toolbox"; making us stronger and more confident with our parenting skills.

Sharing these challenges with other parents can help them add to their "parenting toolbox". Through blog posts from parents, we hope to start important conversations revolving around the wellbeing, education and development of our children.

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